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AM Kustohm 327 Alien coils (2 coils)

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Resistance: 0.15 Ohm (Dual) 

No. of Wraps: 6 

ID: 3mm 

Recommended wattage: 84-168w

Material: NiCr80


Always heat up your coils on a MAXIMUM of 35w. This should be for when you're inserting new coils or rewicking your current set of coils. Once your coils are heating up perfectly and you're done wicking and juicing them up, you can increase the wattage and vape it on the recommended wattage for that specific coil (eg. 65/75/80 watts)

Never go more than a week without changing cotton. There is no specific time that you would need to change your cotton, It Depends on the type of juice that you're vaping and the wattage. However cleaning them regularly would lead to healthier coils lasting longer. Some people do them Everyday, whilst others every second or fourth day. 

Don't make it a habit to dip your coils in Water. Only dip them in water when you really need to, in situations where your coils cant clean itself by just heating them up, or if you have stubborn gunk that doesn't clean itself when heated. 

Never use a wire brush on your coils. Alien coils or Fused claptons have a very thin wire wrapped around them, using a wire brush might cause breakage leading to a shorter life span of coils. We Recommend strumming your coils very lightly with a ceramic tweezer.