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Shoto 5.12khw 48v 100ah Lithium Battery

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Key Advantages:

- Applicable to Stable grid, Half grid and other scenes
- Long Battery life
- High energy Density
- High Charge and discharge currents
- High continual power

- Avoid power outages
- Reduce power costs,
- Easy installation,
- Keeping the environment clean
- Providing an alternative energy source


Nominal voltage 48V

Rated Capacity 100Ah

Operating Voltage range 40v - 56.4v

Boost Charge/Float Charge 54.5v / 52.5V

Charging current (Limited) 10A

Charging current (Max) 100A

Discharge Current (Max) 100A

Discharge cut-off voltage 40v

Cooling mode Self Cooling

Alarm and Protection: 

Over & under Voltage,
Short circuit,
Overload, Over current,
Over Temp, Low temp ect.


Installation method:

Rack / Wall mounted


Parallel Communication: Max 16 sets